# Meeting 25

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25 12 Apr 19 11:00 18 Apr 19 11:00 Bob, Dylan, Elif, Wang

Topic Discussed

  • Improve Healthcare with Interactive Visualization
  • HealTac 2019 24-25 April in Cardiff
  • Interview with Medical Experts
  • Mendeley


  • Read Bob's Healthcare Vis Bio
  • Read SOS survey and medical visualization surveys
  • HEOR form signed and scanned


  • Take a screen capture demo of MedGate
  • Check out the VAHC - Visual Analytics in Healthcare, sign up on mailing list
  • Read Chapter 1 of CQT book
  • Try QT demo program - including OpenGL examples
  • Read Chao's paper on Cartograms with Features
  • Search for survey papers on Healthcare Vis
  • Look for recent books on Healthcare Vis
  • Look at Dylan's survey of information visualization books
  • Think about first project direction
  • Think about literature survey
  • Start writing a list of interview questions
  • Look for Vis papers on interviewing domain experts
  • Read [KKC14] from SoS
  • Read [APS14] from SoS

Todo Progress

  • MedGate screenshots: none as the server was not accessible due to hardware upgrade, but nothing exciting at the moment for DataVis
  • VAHC mailing list pending approval
  • Chao’s paper read
  • Qt and OpenGL set up, tried some demos, starting on Qt with OpenGL
  • Chapter 1 of CQT Book read
  • Survey papers on HealthVis:
    • Rind2011a: reviews existing EHR Vis systems, leads to 6 other survey papers
  • Books on HealthVis:
    • Healthcare Data Analytics
    • Most of the books mention on DataVis briefly, focus more on data analytics, mining, machine learning etc.
  • Interview questions are still WIP, found some examples from Robinson2009
  • Possible project direction:
    • A dashboard with widgets/sections for visualising different diseases/conditions for patients
    • Make use of SAIL’s data, and its close contacts with domain experts
  • KKC14 and APS 14 from SoS read
  • Interesting findings:
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