# Meeting 26

No Date Next Meeting Members
26 18 Apr 19 11:00 25 Apr 19 11:00 Bob, Carlo, Dylan, Elif, Wang

Topic Discussed

  • Manage 8+ million documents
  • GATE extracts structured text from unstructured text
  • People: gender, age, weight
  • UKsERP
  • Trent Reed - Qt tutorial


  • 5 interview papers found
  • Get Qt demo program running
  • Read CQT book chapter 1
  • VAHC mailing list
  • Read Chao's paper


  • Take screenshots/demo video of MedGate
  • Summarize: Interactive Information Visualization to Explore and Query Electronic Health Records, liaise with Carlo on how to summarize a survey
  • Watch Bob's tutorial on how to read a vis paper, read Step 1 of PVSK
  • Upload PDFs of interview papers to CS server
  • Step 1 MedGate: generate a histogram of population by age
  • Read chapter 2 of CQT book
  • Draft a list of interview questions for EHR domain experts
  • Read section 1.3 literature search methodology of How to Write A Vis Survey Paper
  • Search for recent EHR surveys on vis

Todo Progress