# Meeting 66

No Date Next Meeting Members
66 28 Apr 20 11:00 5 Apr 2020 11:00 Bob, Mohammed, Wang

Topic Discussed

  • A tool to find patterns and trends
  • Swansea Bay health board
  • Dashbords
  • Visualizing disagreements eg: dosages
  • Pregnancy vs sodium valproate
  • Covid NLP challenge - what symptoms are associated with covid
  • Most prevalent drugs
  • Drugs associated with pregnancy
  • UCI repository
  • Affirmed diagnosis of epilepsy
  • Seizure frequency over time vs dosage
  • Drugs work best on epilepsy
  • Drugs over time for serizures
  • Users are clinicians
  • PhenoBloacks - keep in survey
  • Idea: assigning an importance to numbers
  • Idea: showing postcodes on map


  • Meeting with Arron set up
  • Revisions to CGVC webpage
  • Clicking on centroid in global view brings up corresponding edges in thumbnail view
  • Search function
  • User option: undo
  • Input any text file
  • Dylan proofreading survey
  • 3 new tables: focus, context, out of scope for papers in previous surveys
  • 6 surveys reviewed for previous work
  • Revisit table 6 - "A" exclusion criteria
  • Relevancy -> off topic



  • Add kaggle to survey
  • Send Arron a copy of survey and ask for suggested improvements and Owen Pickrell
  • Check out "London Medical Databases" (no longer available) and "POSSUM" (not free, $300/year)
  • Total without duplications -> Total unique papers


  • Ask Arron for synthetic letters
  • Combinations of search terms
  • Try "AND" and "OR" combinations of search terms
  • User option: dark mode
  • Test out software on synthetic letters
  • Download and present some of the Covid data, look for EHR data - look for letters on kaggle


  • Ask Tom Kelly on CGVC 2021
  • Add CGVC 2021 to website