# Meeting 138

No Date Next Meeting Members
138 12 Jul 2021 11:00 19 Jul 2021 11:00 Bob, Elif, Wang

Topic Discussed

  • Boh away 22-26
  • Real-time rendering book
  • Collision detection book, real-time collision detection by Christer Ericson


  • Rio grande, missouri and mississippi rivers added to the map
  • User option: turn on/off rivers
  • Draft of CGI 2021 presentation


  • write down where you are getting shapefiles + health data from
  • Show Bob US map of states, counties, and rivers in qgis with zooming or you own software
  • Try to generate simplified rivers using Chao's process using states
  • User option: simplified rivers using states
  • For each point along a river, identify intersection counties - point in polygon
  • CGI presentation
  • Revise annual review to include work packages