# Papers

# 25 Oct 2019

  • EHR related papers from Vis 2019 (download all):
    1. gotz2019visual, Visual Analysis of High-Dimensional Event Sequence Data via Dynamic Hierarchical Aggregation
    2. ming2019ProtoSteer, ProtoSteer: Steering Deep Sequence Model with Prototypes
    3. borland2019selection Selection Bias Tracking and Detailed Subset Comparison for High-Dimensional Data

# 25 Apr 2019

  • EHR related papers from Vis 2018 (download all):

    1. dingen2018regression, RegressionExplorer: Interactive Exploration of Logistic Regression Models with Subgroup Analysis
    2. guo2018visual, Visual Progression Analysis of Event Sequence Data, which briefly touches on EHR
    3. rogers2018compose and its poster, Composer: Visual Cohort Analysis of Patient Outcomes
    4. skokan2018interactive (poster), Interactive Visual Tools Supporting Effective Health State Understanding of Patient with Comorbidities
  • EHR related papers from TVGC 2019 (download all). Bob recommended during the meeting.

    1. bernard2019dashboard, Using dashboard networks to visualize multiple patient histories
    2. kwon2019retain, RetainVis: Visual Analytics with Interpretable and Interactive Recurrent Neural Networks on Electronic Medical Records
    3. mccurdy2019framework, A framework for externalizing implicit error using visualization
  • A web-based visualisation tool Charticulator published on Vis 2018 (download all):

    1. ren2018charticulator
    2. ren2018reflecting (position paper)
    3. Implementation Details and Performance Benchmarks

# 18 Apr 2019