# Meeting 27

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27 25 Apr 19 11:00 2 May 19 11:00 Bob, Dylan, Elif, Wang

Topic Discussed

  • Tesla
  • 200 patient records/letters


  • 1st survey paper summary
  • Started reading chapter 2 of QT book


  • Print out survey paper summary for Bob to review
  • Add the followings to survey paper summary:
    • Classification
    • Future Challenges
    • Unsolved Problems
    • Papers Cited
    • Years Spanned
  • Follow Bob's file naming convention: surname of first author, year, first significant word of title (eg: laramee2011interactive)
  • Summarize West et.al 2014
  • Copy Vis 2018 USB and look for related papers on EHR vis
  • Look at the following papers:
    • bernard2019dashboard, Using dashboard networks to visualize multiple patient histories
    • kwon2019retain, RetainVis: Visual Analytics with Interpretable and Interactive Recurrent Neural Networks on Electronic Medical Records
    • mccurdy2019framework, A framework for externalizing implicit error using visualization
  • Histogram of population by age in 1 year intervals Live Demo (opens new window)
  • User option: highlight "numbers" for MedGate Live Demo (opens new window)
  • Draft a list of interview questions for EHR domain experts
    1. Please provide a brief description of your job.
    2. What general topic area(s) does your research(s) cover?
    3. What are your research objectives?
    4. Do you have any hypotheses? What are your unsolved problems?
    5. What general types of dataset are common in your research (e.g. numerical data, text documents, images, etc.)?
    6. On average, what is the size of dataset do you generally work with? (e.g. 5,000 rows of CSV, 3,000 images, etc.)
    7. What methods do you use to analyse the data (e.g. statistical, excel, document analysis tools, etc.)?
    8. What methods or tools do you use to get the β€œbigger picture” about your collections of results?
    9. What are the areas of improvement you'd like to see in the tools you use for your research(s) (e.g. data processing speed, interactive functions, user-friendliness etc.)?
    10. If you could find out anything in your research(s), what would that be?
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