# Meeting 186

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186 11 Aug 2022 11:00 18 Aug 2022 11:00 Bob, Wang

Topic Discussed

  • trip to Belfast + highlands
  • Titanic
  • publish or perish
  • masters programme
  • Q: do you find the rivers to increase legibility? (1-5)
  • Q: how do you think legibility could be increased? (1-5)
  • Q: how confident are you in locating Nottingham? (1-5)
  • pilot user study
  • live software vs video demo
  • Cody's data
  • how to get overviews of time-series data?
  • visualization of time oriented data-
  • idea: novel overviews of time-series data
  • idea: sketch-based querying of time-series data


  • Bob wrote to Roy and Cody asking for sample data
  • Bob submitted EPSRC bid
  • panel to IEEE VIS accepted
  • VIS resources paper accepted
  • 3 images: 1) original choropleth; 2) cartogram with no rivers; 3) cartogram with rivers - all with same data


  • let's make the rivers blue and increase thickness
  • user option: show nodes that cross river when river intersection is turned off (with an X)
  • save the 3 images each week in a google doc
  • generate 3 images: 1) original; 2) with no rivers; 3) with rivers - uniform size nodes - map color to a health variate
  • user option: map node color to health variates
  • continue developing list of subjective questions in same google doc - also some simple tasks: location
  • choropleth to use same color mapping as notes
  • try to see if we can make more room for nodes just north of thames - maybe with uniform size
  • have a look at basal insulin data to see if we can understand it
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