# Meeting 33

No Date Next Meeting Members
33 20 June 19 10:00 27 Jun 19 11:00 Bob, Wang

Topic Discussed

  • EZY Vegan
  • NLTK
  • Microphone + tripod


  • Vis papers uploaded to Mendeley
  • Next EHR paper summary
  • Summary of interview with Sam Turner
  • A4 aspect radio
  • Document white space preserved


  • Bob add link to swanseavis.com
  • For next summary, collect data on the number of patients visualized. try to derive from examples if not disclosed explicitly
  • Start a summary table of EHR Vis papers
  • Next EHR paper summary
  • Modify/update interview questions
  • Shorten text lines
  • Color-code numbers based on type - start with the easiest first and most difficult last (look at NLTK)
  • Prioritize IEEE Vis and EuroVis papers over the VAHC for literature review
  • Order microphone and tripod for Bob
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