# Meeting 30

No Date Next Meeting Members
30 23 May 19 11:00 30 May 19 11:00 Bob, Dylan, Elif, Wang

Topic Discussed

  • Ideas: Heatmap overview of all letters
  • Categorize numbers: Postcodes, measurements, dates, times, NHS numbers, hospital numbers, patient weights/heights


  • Next draft of interview questions
  • Thumbnail view of number positions
  • Tooltips for individual numbers on thumbnail view
  • Next draft of survey summaries


  • Record interview with Sam Turner (audio only)
  • Add "context" text to detail view on either side of number
  • Try to base thumbnail view on original document format
  • Focus text position reflects actual position on original line
  • User option: expand or collapse original text
  • Grey line thickness reflects number of lines between numbers in documents
  • "Permanent" proof-read by Carlo
  • Try summarize a VIS 2018 paper (Regression Explorer)
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