# Meeting 53

No Date Next Meeting Members
53 14 Jan 20 11:00 28 Jan 2020 11:00 Bob, Wang

Topic Discussed

  • Computer
  • Handling "other" numbers
  • Colorgorical


  • Alfie's role is conference co-chair
  • Next draft of survey
  • "other" numbers identified
  • Color legend next to number types
  • "measurement" instead of meta



  • Change color legend to squares
  • Adopt Chao's color legends, check time-oriented cartograms figure 2 and figure 9
  • User option: show data samples (connect actual dots to centroid with edges)
  • Update position of "other" numbers


  • Bring a printed copy survey on trip to Nottingham
  • Start including old EHR vis papers in survey from Rind et al.
  • Identify first EHR papers that combine Vis+ML and Vis+NLP
  • Check out national institute for health and care excellence (NICE)
  • Start writing new section 3, 3.1, 3.2 on survey of EHR data
  • Try to include public health wales in list of open data sources
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