# Meeting 207

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207 2 Feb 2023 11:00 9 Feb 2023 11:00 Bob, Kai, Wang

Topic Discussed

  • Health, Bob has sore throat
  • Infovis on Thursdays and Fridays
  • idea: color mapped to number of children
  • idea: uniform size children in treemap view
  • idea: scalability as a contribution
  • idea: treemap hierarchy mapped to length of time


  • treemap view with curves in rectangles
  • time-oriented view
  • 25 days


  • look for survey papers on time-series vis
  • see if you can help Peer with DMS coursework assessment
  • add labels to time-oriented view y-axis
  • treemap user-option: user can select a parent node and then all children are rendered in time-oriented view
  • time-oriented view user-option: show time-series curves
  • upload minutes of meeting from last week
  • position row of children at bottom
  • have a look at squarified treemap paper
  • time-oriented view: squares are color-coded same as treemap
  • a strange data entry noticed, sourced from googlesheet, not from nightscout or tidepool. Without removing them bug will appear.
    {time: '2017-09-01T18:38:27', source: 'googlesheet', glucoseReading: 115}
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