# Meeting 77

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77 14 Jul 2020 11:00 21 Jul 2020 11:00 Bob, Mohammed, Wang

Topic Discussed

  • Idea: A special search category for "increase", "decrease", "reduce" dosage
  • RAMP and SCRC
  • 4 month extension
  • Tier 1 visa
  • Tier 2
  • Papers we love - ideas list - citations count


  • Meeting with Arron and Owen
  • Update thumbnail view search edges
  • Using task for different settings like IBFV
  • List of drugs from Arron, 26 drugs
  • Improves regular expressions against synthetic letters
  • Bob writes to Mathew contract extension
  • Search for video resources



  • Move "hide settings" button next to "sorting options"
  • Find out which drugs are mentioned in the letters and build a list - the matrix view uses mentioned drugs
  • First step in drug matrix
  • Look for a matrix survey paper
  • Ask Arron and Owen if this drugs come in different categories
  • Order number categories by average position in letters (all 200) from top-to-bottom (y axis)
  • User option: sort individual letters based on query edge length

Vis Resources:

  • Cross check vis websites for YouTube channels
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