# Meeting 44

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44 24 Sep 19 11:00 1 Oct 19 11:00 Bob, Mohammed, Wang

Topic Discussed

  • Drugs, prisons
  • Swansea uni preferred supplies: insight.com, stonegroup.co.uk, xma.co.uk, academia.co.uk
  • Symmetric scrolling
  • Idea: compute an average letter (number of lines)
  • Idea: scatterplot matrix view
  • Sketch engine


  • Next draft of survey
  • Next paper summary
  • Fit 1st page of detail view on screen without scrolling
  • 70-75 lines on average page
  • First version of CGVC web page


  • Choose a camcorder + microphone for Bob
  • Create subsections a list of papers that
    • Use machine learning (ML)
    • Use natural language processing (NLP)
    • Use event sequence (ES)
    • Others
  • Create a new table - paper on y-axis, ML, NLP, ES and others on x-axis
  • Abort symmetric scrolling for now - remove Detail View scrolling
  • Change background color of non-focus Thumbnail View to grey
  • Try loading all 200 documents
  • See if you can reduce the white space in Thumbnail View
  • Explore ways to get smaller Thumbnail Views - 10 on screen
  • Read "Considerations for Visualization Comparison" by Michael Gleicher
  • Make CGVC 2020 webpage live
  • Ask Franck for link to CGVC 2019 web page
  • Move "about" content to homepage
  • Use CGVC 2018 terminology and context to set up initial 2020 web page (2020 at KCL, chaired by Rita Borgo)
  • Ask if Carlo's brother will make a logo
  • Ask Franck for history URLs to previous CGVC conferences
  • Next paper summary
  • Discuss next paper summary with Bob:
    • T. Gschwandtner. Visualization of patient data and treatment plans: A survey. Asgaard-TR-2009-1. Technical report, Vienna University of Technology, Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems, 2009
    • CareVis(2006) and CareCruiser
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