# Meeting 36

No Date Next Meeting Members
36 2 July 19 11:00 7 July 19 11:00 Bob, Mohammed, Wang

Topic Discussed

  • Digest
  • Survey scope - focus, out of focus
  • TexShop
  • SciKit, SciKit-learn
  • Prodigy, Explosion AI
  • Backup use sticks
  • Impact factors


  • Color-coded according to length
  • Testing NLTK, Gate, Spacy
  • Asked for license for Prodigy
  • Classification of phone numbers and nhs numbers with spacy
  • Next paper summary
  • Interview summary and archive - Arron Lacey


  • Ask Mohammed for a copy of MoorVis
  • Follow up with Julie about equipment order
  • Have a look at "State-of-the-art report of visual analysis for event detection in text data streams"
  • User option: color mapping numbers based on category or length
  • Continue testing out NLTK, Gate and space
  • Add a color legend
  • User option: color map the overview plot
  • Add ability to expand letters to full length (remove the collapse exclusion)
  • On-mouse-over for numbers to show entire paragraph
  • Next paper summary
  • Placing USB sticks in an archive
  • Start building table that summarizes EHR papers
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