# Meeting 56

No Date Next Meeting Members
56 18 Feb 20 11:00 25 Feb 2020 11:00 Bob, Mohammed, Wang

Topic Discussed

  • Google NGram Viewer
  • CGVC 2020
  • Digital Humanities Conference 2020
  • Short papers [100], [84], [83], [75], [66]


  • Next survey paper summary x2
  • Next draft of SoEHR
  • Next draft of datasets spreadsheet



  • Bob review survey draft and summaries
  • Look for a document, publication that describes the levels of anonymity for EHRs in SAIL database
  • New table: paper on y-axis, columns on x-axis: EHR Vis, PHR Vis, PopHR Vis
  • Attempt to put key definitions in chronological order by year of first appearance: EHR, EMR, PHR, PopHR and cite the first papers that introduce the terms
  • Include definition of BOS04 EHR if available
  • Check Secondary analysis book for definitions and historical term information
  • Include Google NGram and Google Trends for key definitions and historical term information (EHR,EMR,PHR,PopHR) in introduction, acronyms and full terms.
  • Start classifying data sets - individual vs aggregate web sites, then sort in chronological order by year of publication/founded/launched
  • A description of each data set should include: why it was started, who started it
  • Update out-of-scope section to exclude basic bar, pie, bubble and line graphs
  • Mention peer-review in in-scope
  • Write first data set description
  • Add number of derived publication to spreadsheet:0, 0-10, 10-50, 50-100, 100+
  • Plan on restarting software development
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