# Meeting 57

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57 25 Feb 20 11:00 3 Mar 2020 11:00 Bob, Mohammed, Wang

Topic Discussed

  • Early retirement


  • Bob reviews 2 paper summaries
  • Description added to dataset
  • More key definitions found
  • Secondary analysis book double-checked
  • Google trends and ngrams of EHR, EMR, PHR
  • Updates made to survey
  • Restarted software development
  • Color legend updated
  • Global centroids view updated


  • Use 2 alarms!


  • Upload draft of survey once a week
  • Make sure the why aspect of each dataset was collected, write to the website hosts if necessary
  • What research question is the I2B2 dataset trying to answer?
  • Try to make description "self-contained" - 2-3 sentence each
  • Datasets need more detail: FAIR, I2B2, Tycho, PCORnet, MIMIC, City health dashboard, healthdata.gov
  • What kind of data is in each dataset?
  • See if you can find any more information on the different levels of detail access to the SAIL databank
  • Include historical information in "key definitions" section
  • Classify datasets 1)individual, 2)aggregate, 3)then chronological
  • Write the first dataset description for survey paper


  • Take screenshots and screen capture demos to show software development progress
  • Highlight corresponding centroids in both global and thumbnail views
  • Render all global centroids as context after clicking on focus centroid
  • Connect global centroid with individual point using edges
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