# Meeting 61

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61 24 Mar 20 11:00 31 Mar 2020 11:00 Bob, Mohammed, Wang

Topic Discussed

  • Zoom
  • European Data Portal
  • Sopan et al "community health map..." -- yes
  • Glicksberg et al "PatientExplorerR..." -- yes
  • "EHDViz..." -- out of scope
  • "Visualization collaborative ..." -- out of scope, because it uses off-the-shelf tools rather than developing a customized solution


  • Started writing out-of-scope datasets section
  • Further searching for related EHR datasets
  • Next draft of survey
  • Update Terminology Table - columns A, F, G
  • User option: render thumbnail points as greyscale context points in global view


  • Bob has a look at related health vis survey
  • Add summary of related health vis survey to our survey and describe the differences
  • Add German dataset to data "out of scope" section - should be international dataset, accessibility
  • Add closed access datasets to data "out of scope" section
  • Bob reviews SoEHR survey draft
  • Put datasets that require an access fee in their own category - these are not the focus datasets
  • Draft data classification sub-section: see table on reverse
  • Next survey paper summary
  • I encourage citing extra papers in out of scope section
  • Put key definitions in its own section 2 for now
  • Try adding terminology table to background section columns A, F, G


  • Add rendering option for GUI organized as focus and context options
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