# Meeting 50

No Date Next Meeting Members
50 10 Dec 19 11:00 20 Dec 19 11:00 Bob, Wang


  • First draft of CGVC README file
  • Local centroids in individual documents
  • Increase in rendering/sorting performance
  • User option: sorting of documents
  • Next draft of survey paper
  • Next paper summary



  • Email Franck, Rita and Alfie the new CGVC website and ask for feedback (CC:Bob)
    • Correct the venue information (Rita)
    • Remove the dragon logo (Franck)
  • Add logistics of how to access CGVC website to the README file


  • Try adding a global interactive color legend similar to Chao's for focus and context rendering of different types of numbers
  • Add different types of numbers: time, date, DoB, NHS number, postcode, phone number, house number, quantities/measurements
  • User option: the user can choose which type of number to focus on
  • User option: the user can choose data samples or centroids or both
  • Experiment with progressive rendering


  • Finish literature search methodology
  • Scan and email Bob's comments
  • Look at Liam's and Chao's PhD thesis for description of Geo-Spatial Vis
  • Next draft of survey introduction
  • Next paper summary [166] (Typo: "Dyland" Rees and Elif "FΔ±rat")


  • VL on 19 Dec
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