# Meeting 214

No Date Next Meeting Members
214 04 May 2023 11:00 11 May 2023 11:00 Bob, Kai, Wang

Topic Discussed

  • trip to boston
  • VMV 7 Jun, VAHC, AltVis workshop, pacific grapphics 1 June
  • RAMPVis chapter and project
  • spreadsheet of related work on event-based vis


  • bob reviews cartograms paper
  • next draft of cartograms paper (VMV)
  • RAMPVis up and running


  • next draft of cartograms paper for VMV
  • submit cartograms paper to VMV or IV journal
  • write a paragraph about the different libraries and tested for time-series pattern searching and matching and why you chose stumpy
  • write a description fo the time-series events that cody discussed with diagrams
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