# Meeting 60

No Date Next Meeting Members
60 17 Mar 20 11:00 24 Mar 2020 11:00 Bob, Mohammed, Wang

Topic Discussed

  • Narrative Visualization: Telling Stories with Data - good example of 2 bibliographies
  • Atom habits - the hunchback of notre dame
  • The black swan


  • Bob enrolls Wang in PhD program
  • Bob starts reviewing next draft of survey
  • Bob finds a new related survey
  • CGVC webpage updated
  • Spreadsheet of lost time collected = 42 days
  • 3 datasets from VAST challenge found
  • New table of paper on y-axis, x-axis: term used, dataset size/number of records, dataset level of detail, data source (Terminology Table)
  • First draft od data set cope and search methodology


  • Set reminder on phone for Mohammed's meetings
  • Both: look at related health vis survey - Bob print it out
  • Add comparison of related survey to related work section
  • Try to get your PhD back on track - try to work full time on you PhD
  • Start writing "out of dataset scope" sub-section include VAST challenge 2011 mini 1, 2010 mini 3
  • Double check other VAST challenge open datasets
  • Add a column to the terminology table: VIS community
  • Include search engines you used in dataset search
  • Include websites with datasets - link data.gov, data.gov.uk
  • 3.3 scope to data cope
  • See TODO from 3 March
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