# Meeting 52

No Date Next Meeting Members
52 6 Jan 20 11:00 14 Jan 2020 11:00 Bob, Wang

Topic Discussed

  • Tables related to challenges are good
  • DVH*19 out of scope
  • ZCD19 -> ESS
  • CXR18 -> out of scope
  • Evaluation types: controlled user study (task-based), informal user study (likert scale), domain expert evaluation (open-ended), interview (systematic questions)


  • Add Martin and Franck to GitHub repository
  • Add color legend and toggle switches for number types
  • Different types of numbers added
  • User option: user can choose type of number to focus on
  • User option: show data centroids both global and per letter
  • View document button fixed
  • Sort document by day, month, year and date
  • Overview shows global centroids
  • ToC in survey
  • First draft of survey abstract
  • Next draft of survey related work section
  • Great job on CGVC web page



  • Ask Rita on Alfie's role
  • Unify "commitees" on one page


  • Move color legend to toggle switches for number types
  • Add "other" number type for the rest
  • Add number of numbers found
  • User "measurement" instead of "meta"
  • User option: show data samples (connect actual dots to the centroid)


  • Add summary of "review of clinical databases" to survey - expand table of data sources
  • Download "secondary analysis of EHR" and read
  • Bob order a copy of the book
  • Write intro to 3.1 - 3.5 sub-sections
  • Upload all survey PDFs in online folder for easy access for Bob to view
  • Organize all survey PDFs into folders by technique
  • Revisit table 4 and update it with table 3
  • Add a table: papers vs evaluation type
  • Add a table: single vs cohort, single vs multiple data sources
  • Look for more papers
  • Next paper summary
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