# Meeting 32 - NWIS

No Date Next Meeting Members
32 12 June 19 11:00 20 Jun 19 11:00 Bob, Dylan, Elif, Wang

Topic Discussed

  • Page layout visual designs
  • Helen Thomas - NWIS (next meeting on train)
  • Wang away for training courses on 4-5 July


  • Derived 100 chars per line based on 10 word documents
  • Line breaks introduced for paragraphs
  • Grey line thickness is mapped to number of lines between numbered lines
  • Rainbow color heatmap for overview
  • Interview with Sam Turner (20 minutes)


  • Choose a paper session for EuroVis 2019 conference report
  • Display whole line whenever a number appears (previously discussed as context-view)
  • Preserve A4 size aspect ratio
  • Preserve original white space when showing lines with numbers
  • Use MedGate to classify numbers
  • Ask Mohammed if he recommends any book on NLP
  • Have a look through introduction to text visualization book
  • Archive interview with Sam Turner link (opens new window)
  • Write interview summary with Sam Turner link (opens new window)
  • Arrange the next interview, on 25th July with Arron Lacey
  • Add short description of data source to each paper summary
  • Next paper summary
  • Find a tripod and directional microphone for Bob's camcorder
  • Bob send Sony camcorder model number to Wang
  • Present at conference tomorrow
  • Trip to Cardiff on 20 June 2019
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