# Meeting 54

No Date Next Meeting Members
54 28 Jan 20 11:00 4 Feb 2020 11:00 Bob, Mohammed, Wang

Topic Discussed

  • Moving
  • Richart Roberts color map
  • Metaphors of movement - out of scope
  • Only include data and institutions that provide open access EHR data


  • House searching in Nottingham
  • Bob sends email about Wang's transfer and EPSRC grant transfer
  • Color legend changed to sqaures
  • Bob reviews survey
  • Next draft of survey
  • Context papers added
  • More images added to survey



  • Make sure color legend is changed
  • See TODO list from 14 Jan 2020


  • For each dataset includes: providing institution, URL, number of records/dimensions, time-span, short description and level of detail (group size)
  • Update survey with color coding used by a previous survey
  • Update survey with rest of context papers
  • Continue writing new sections 3, 3.1, 3.2 on survey of EHR data
  • Update visualization techniques table with groups for techniques
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