# Meeting 127 - Annual Review

No Date Next Meeting Members
127 7 May 2021 14:00 10 May 2021 11:00 Isaac Triguero Velazquez,Adam Ke Zhou, Wang

Topic Discussed


  • Empirical
  • What's the novelty?
  • Comparison with previous work in case studies: what's the advantage of LetterVis?


  • Great contribution, filled in a gap


  • De facto 2nd year of your PhD, started in June in Swansea
  • In annual review report, state your contribution and future work clearly
  • What's the skeleton and objectives of your PhD
    • Chapter 1 - EHR STAR
    • Chapter 2 - LetterVis
    • How to connect them together as a package
    • What's your contribution to computer science and visualization
  • Papers are focusing too much on what you did, missing why you did them
    • Writing is excellent, content needs more work
  • Avoid doing too many things at the same time (EnsembleVis, RAMPVis), they are not sufficient to be a chapter in your thesis
  • What's your next step/project?
    • How are you going to address EHR data access problem (do you have a backup plan, e.g. open access dataset)
  • What's your target publication venue?
    • Top VIS conference: VIS/TVCG, EuroVis/CGF

Sense of belonging:

  • Networking with other researchers, eg. Mercedes (2nd supervisor), they may have EHR data too
  • Do some teaching or other work for the school
  • Issac will introduce his students when the office is fully open
  • Additional free training provided by UoN is available
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