# Meeting 48

No Date Next Meeting Members
48 26 Nov 19 11:00 3 Dec 19 11:00 Bob, Wang

Topic Discussed

  • Bob's flu last Tuesday
  • Selection Bias ... -> Event Sequence Folder
  • Visual Analysis ... -> Event Sequence Folder
  • Idea: adding document similarity metrics for objectivity
  • Idea: Compare document similarity metrics with query-based similarity using visualization
  • Idea: Clustering in letter space
  • Boiler pilot light


  • Camcorder memory card order
  • NLP survey summary - include in related work section
  • DeepEHR - include in related work section
  • Next draft of survey
  • Each number has it's own meta-data
  • Document ID to the top border
  • Sorting documents by length, data, count of numbers


  • Ask Dylan for proof-reading
  • Summarize Chao's papers [87,88]
  • Add 2.2 to survey
  • Try using a "black canvas" for thumbnail overview as to add vertical separators between scatter plots
  • How many numbers total are there?
  • Try loading 200 letters and sorting by count of numbers
  • Add a color-legend for number type
  • User option: show centroid of number types
  • Look for a canvas that let's you draw edges and points
  • Think about setting up a meeting with Arron in Dec or Jan
  • Go through the latest changes made for CGVC website with Bob
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