# Meeting 230

No Date Next Meeting Members
230 1 Dec 2023 14:00 8 Dec 2023 14:00 Bob, Kai, Wang

Topic Discussed

  • treemap levels


  • visiting trent vineyard conference center
  • more implementation work
  • color mapping based on sketch and figure 1


  • submit title and abstract for book chapter
  • bob review BGVis paper
  • follow-ups with Rita after EuroVis deadline
  • show top 3 levels of treemap in initial view
  • show color map and curves at the same time - use color mapping as background
  • the user clicks on a rectangle in this treemap view and the corresponding events (children, 1-to-many) are shown in the day view and the detailed view (click on node level in the treemap, 1-to-1)
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