# Meeting 45

No Date Next Meeting Members
45 1 Oct 19 11:00 8 Oct 19 11:00 Bob, Mohammed, Wang

Topic Discussed

  • Bob away from 18-31 Oct at VIS
  • digital.nhs.uk
  • Idea: Thumbnail View wraps around to the beginning (infinite scrolling)
  • Vue: javascript library
  • eg.org - Eurographics webpage


  • Research on camcorders
  • Abort symmetric scrolling
  • Context Thumbnail View, color is semi-transparent
  • Attempt to render 200 documents
  • User clicks on separator which brings letter into focus
  • Reduction in whitespace for Thumbnail View
  • Bob calls Franck
  • Next draft of survey: overview table - papers on y-axis: NLP, ML, ESS, Geospacial, other
  • Next paper summary


  • Find microphone for Sony CX450
  • Order microphone + CX450 with budget code
  • Cite Chao's papers to survey (cartographic treemaps)
  • Start compiling a table of public EHR data sources for survey
  • Add in a test for visible thumbnails
  • Try wrapping the Thumbnail View around in a loop (infinite scrolling)
  • Try to add a view with a matrix of Thumbnail Views (with adjustable width)
  • CGVC 2020 webpage: replace unknown context with "TBA"
  • Add TPCG to CGVC webpage for history
  • Update links to past CGVCs
  • Ask Richard for the latest version of CGVC 2018 content
  • Change IEEE logo to Eurographics
  • Add names and titles to CGVC committees
  • Add an "important dates" as TBA
  • Search Pacific Vis for related papers
  • Cite Bob's eHealth on the Horizon in introduction
  • Checkout UK Biobank for interesting EHR datasets
  • Discuss innovative ways for sorting documents with Bob
  • Next paper summary
  • Discuss next paper summary with Bob:
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