# Meeting 47

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47 15 Oct 19 11:00 4 Nov 19 11:00 Bob, Mohammed, Wang

Topic Discussed

  • Letting property
  • UK NHS IT system
  • SNOMED -> background
  • Acupuncture
  • Highlighting focus thumbnail
  • Medical information mart for intensive care


  • Camcorder success
  • Next paper summary: NLPReViz
  • Next draft of survey
  • Sorting letters by length of documents
  • ASCII graphic border at top of thumbnails
  • Update to CGVC website - looks good


  • Next paper summary
  • Add to survey: Contributions, challenges of EHR Vis
  • ASCII graphic render around left edge of thumbnails
  • Add Document ID to top border in Focus View
  • Sort documents in both Thumbnail and Focus view
  • Try adding process indication when adding 100 documents, eg. "Processing n of 200"
  • User option: sort documents by date (First appearance)
  • User option: sort documents by number of numbers
  • Try preprocessing letters for Thumbnail View (a database maybe)
  • Bob reserves accommodation in Nottingham
  • Discuss document similarity metrics with Bob
  • Order a new camcorder battery
  • Order a new backup drive
  • Order a new memory card


  • Move dragon to right
  • Add Rita Borgo to committee
  • Contact page: Rita and Alfie Abdul-Rahman as local chairs
  • Review Guidelines: refer to Eurovis 2014
  • Presenter Guidelines: refer to Eurovis 2014
  • Program: add some empty space
  • Keynote: add some empty space
  • Venue: update to King's College London
  • Travel: A link to KCL's travel page
  • Update links to latex templates
  • Add red line separator by default
  • Add MDPI to sponsors
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