# Meeting 183 - Roy Ruddle

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183 19 Jul 2022 15:00 Bob, Roy Ruddle, Wang

Topic Discussed

  • EHR database, QuantiCode, NHS digital
  • Admitted patient caee data, all hosipital in England
  • 150 attributes, demographic, diagnosis
  • Aspects of data quality
  • BMJ open - Using set visualization techniques to investigate and explain patterns of missing values in electronic health records
  • Using minature visualizations of descriptive statistics to investigate the quality of EHR
  • Muhammad Adnan, Marlous Hall
  • Research questions: scalability, explainability, explainable visual analytics, comparing cohorts
  • Individuals vs cohorts
  • What are the higher-level questions? How well do they work? What are the higher-level tasks?
  • Visual analytics of event data using multiple mining methods
  • Idea: explainable clustering
  • EduClust
  • 3 contributions/angles
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